To read or not to read, that`s the question of the 21-st century

books Obviously people read less and less. The reasons are related to not having spare time enough, through tiredness and stress to preferring watch TV. Me for example, I enjoy reading books but after a dynamic work day I just want to handle the TV remote.

However, I never forget the books. My latest literature choice was a series Magical Treasure of The World by a publisher Svetlyo Kantardjiev. Being a grown-up child, I still love stories about the Cinderella, the Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, The Little Match Girl etc.

I am telling you all that because fairy tales are the perfect way, in my opinion, to relax after work. One more extra is the fact that you can do it with your children. One thing is for sure, spending time together will make both of you happy.

In conclusion, whatever you do, wherever you are, always remember that life is better through children`s eyes. Fairy tales are exactly your cup of tea! Drink to the dregs, do not worry, be happy!

One more time, I strongly recommend Magical Treasure of The World by Svetlyo Kantardjiev.